Aadhar card status online

Aadhar Card is Government of India new project to Give a center identity to All indian Residents . If you have visit Aadhar card issued center and if you have apply for this then you have Entrolment Number and date issued by person when you go for aadhar card .

Aadhar card is card provided Government of India to Identity , Aadhar Card consists of  12 digits uniqu numbers .Now you can check your Aadhar card status online by name . Visit http://resident.uidai.net.in/check-aadhaar-status for more information about your Aadhar card .

If you need any assistant then you can call on inquiry numbers toll free . Call from any landline Or Mobile to more information about Aadhar card call on 1800-300-1947

When check Aadhar card status that time you have got 9 Type aadhar card status like above
Stage Description
1 Aadhaar enrolment done
2 Enrolment packet uploaded to UIDAI by enrolling agency
3 Enrolment processing started by UIDAI
4 Enrolment processing completed by UIDAI
5 Electronic Aadhaar letter generated by UIDAI
6 Electronic Aadhaar letter sent by UIDAI to India Post
7 Electronic Aadhaar letter received by India Post
8 Printed Aadhaar letter dispatched from India Post to resident
9 Printed Aadhaar delivered to resident by India Post


Homeless people wait for months for their Aadhar cards

Survey says 50 pc of them did not get their UID cards within the 90-day deadline
At least 50 per cent of homeless in south Delhi who enrolled under the Unique Identification Number (UID) project have not received their cards since January, 2011, allege rights groups. According to the UID guidelines, people are supposed to receive their UID cards within three months of applying.

According to a survey by the Delhi government and Society for Promotion of Youth and Masses (SPYM) in south Delhi, around 10,500 National Population Register individual forms and 6,414 family forms were filled in 2011. Later on, biometric finger prints were also taken along with photographs to generate UID cards for everyone who had filled these forms.

However, UID enrolment has been done for only 1,707 people since January 2011 and only half of them have received their cards.

Cards not received yet

Arvind Singh, 40, a homeless who sleeps at the Nizamuddin night shelter, had applied for the UID card last year but has not received it yet. “I have not received my UID card till now while some of my community members have got their cards. Why are we not given the cards when all of us applied for them at the same time?” he asked at the social audit held on Thursday, for assessing the benefits and challenges of the Homeless Resource Centre run in south Delhi.

In another case, Leela Devi, who has got her UID card, said that a wrong name had been printed on her card which could not let her avail basic benefits. She has been trying to get it rectified since two months but officials have failed to help her.

Responding to these issues, Nitesh Duhan, consultant with the Unique Identification Authority of India, said: “Irrespective of whether you have any identity card or not anybody can apply for UID cards. The delay might be because of technical issues and we are trying to rectify it. But we cannot change the name or photograph on these cards.”

Representatives from Samajik Suvidha Sangam and Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board, who were also present at the social audit, assured that UID benefits will be given to the homeless soon.

Loopholes persist

Rights groups say UID has been useful but loopholes persist. “To ensure that residents in India, especially the marginalised, have valid and reliable proof of identification, the government had initiated the UID programme.

But, there are many loopholes like duplication of cards, technical difficulties which delays delivery of cards,” said Gaurav Pandey, member SPYM.

He further said, “ The three months delay to deliver the cards defeats the purpose sometimes as this is a moving community. When we try to locate the person again after a period of months, he has either left the city or shifted to another district”.

Soon, smart cards will replace ration cards

MAPUSA: Ration cards will soon be a thing of the past in the state with the department of civil supplies and consumer affairs deciding to replace them with smart cards aimed at eliminating widespread hoarding, diversion of food grains and black marketeering.

The smart cards will contain details of family members, including their photographs and biometrics. The move of the government has come in while there are allegations of bogus rations cards and the mismanagement of quota at the fair price shops.

The state government, as part of the e-PDS project of computerisation of department of civil supplies and consumer affairs, is going for the digitalization of the ration card data and Bardez taluka is taken as the pilot project for the same. The department, for the issue of new smart card based ration cards, has digitized the present available ration card data for Bardez.

The data now needs to be verified for errors and mistakes and also to capture additional data. All ration card holders in the Bardez taluka have been requested to collect the printed forms showing the data with blank areas for additional data which are available with respective fair price shops from August 1 onwards.

Ration card holders have also been requested to check and make corrections if required in the data printed on the verification form. Additional information regarding Epic, Aadhaar, mobile number, bank account details are also to be filled in the form.

Cardholders are permitted to include the names of children duly supported by the birth certificates and also permitted to delete the names duly supported by the death certificates.

Properly filled verification forms are to be submitted back to the respective fair price shops on or before August 31 along with the photocopies of the existing ration cards, Aadhar card, Epic cards and other documents relied upon.

Civil supplies director had also convened a meeting recently at Nachinola of the fair price shop owners directing them how to go about the implementation of the program.

"It will be a foolproof system, the advantage here will be that any member registered by the new card can avail the quota at any fair price shop in Goa" said director Vikas Gaunekar. "We will soon start the digitization of the fair price shops in the state," he said.

The digitization of data of ration cards in the other talukas has already begun and the scheme will be implemented across the state soon, sources informed.

"If the ration quota is not lifted by the card holder for six months his card will be blocked," Gaunekar said.